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Applying TA Fundamentals Workshop (ATAFW)
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2-minute video


  • Learn or review all the foundations of Transactional Analysis theory and methods. 

  • Exceeds requirements for TA 101.  Hours count toward certification.

  • Practice applying TA theory and methods in work and personal life. 

  • Developed for people who want to use TA in their work as well as personal lives.

  • Valuable for TA newcomers and those who have studied some of TA theory and methods or completed a TA 101.

  • The workshop has two components (see Registration and Subscription 

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  • Online Discussion Sessions: a series of 12, online, 90-minute group conversations, each focused on a different topic area.  Discussions explore key points and answer learner questions about understanding and applying the topics.  The series is offered 3 times per year, so each topic session is offered 3 times per year.  

  • Online Learning Resources: on-demand instructional videos, workbooks, and post-tests for each topic in the series.  

  • Repeating and Making up Missed Discussion Sessions:  After the first enrolled series, learners may repeat topic sessions or make up missed sessions at no additional charge, for one year.  This is a great way to continue learning and applying TA.   ​​

  • First-time attendance hours may be applied to certification requirements for: 

    • ITAA – Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), and

    • USATAA-Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP).

  • Certificates of Completion: Upon completion of a 12-session series, learners receive a certificate that they have met and exceeded the requirements for the USATAA/NATAA Introduction to TA and the ITAA TA 101.

  • Note: the ATAFW is “education and coaching.”  It is not psychotherapy.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Online Discussion Sessions occur Tuesdays 5:00-6:30pm, Pacific Time

12-Week Series Start Dates

  • January 23

  • May 7

  • September 3


$420.  Registration for one-year unlimited access to:

  • Online Discussion Sessions (3 series of 12 sessions each =36 sessions)

  • On demand learning resources, produced by Dr. Hart.  (videos, workbooks, and post-tests)  

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