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TA 101 Certificate

The TA101 written examination is based on the ITAA, TA 101 course outline.  It is approved by the ITAA. 
  • It is an “open-book” examination.  A candidate answers the questions in the candidate’s own time, and with the help of any TA books or other sources of information (such as Project TA 101 videos).
  • There is a minimum pass score of 65.  A pass in the examination is recognized as equal to attendance at an official TA101 course, and receives the same certificate of completion.
Wayne Hart is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA-ITAA) and Transactional Analyst Practitioner Instructor (TAPI-NATAA/USATAA).  He will score your answers to the questions, provide valuable input to enhance your learning, and send a TA 101 Certificate acknowledging a passing score.  
The fee is $100 US.  Payable at time of submitting answers.
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