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Dealing with Difficult People

Other people’s actions can be a problem. One tool that can help us deal with those actions is the attitude we have about the other person.  While we cannot control what other people do, we can control how they impact us.  The key is where we put our energy.  Do we put it into feeling bad and junding the other person.  Or do we put it into something positive like an "I'm OK/You're OK" ego state and life position.

Self-Regulation: 3 Steps

Are old habits keeping you from living a better life?  One application of TA is a three step process of self-regulation.  Use these steps to shift your energy to a better self (ego-state).

First is to be aware of your experience mainly, but also others and conditions.  Then categorize your experience using one of many TA tools.  Finally, choose a different option, one that creates for you autonomy from old patterns, self-efficacy, and self-realization.  

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TA and Impact Feedback

To keep relationships vital or solve problems, we need to give others feedback about their behavior.  There are 4 ways to give feedback.  Three of them run the risk of an unfavorable response.  The fourth way, impact feedback, increases the chances of a good response.  And as a plus, it contributes to intimate communications.  Watch the 11-minute video for the whole story.

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Trigger Reactions

People react to what someone else does.  Recently, it is common for people to blame the “someone else” for the reaction they experience.  But we have a choice.  We can energize a different ego-state and experience a different reaction.  If we blame someone else, we make ourselves a victim.  If we take responsibility for our reaction, we make ourselves autonomous.  Please share this with others.  Get the full story by watching this 5-minute video.

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