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Click the image to watch a free 11 minute topic video in advance of the FREE Workshop.

FREE - Subscribers-Only Workshop

Topic: Transactional Analysis and Impact Feedback

Date & Time: Saturday November 18, 9:00-10:30 AM, Pacific Time

Use feedback, that people will likely accept.  Apply different ego-states and an “I’m OK/You’re OK” life position.  Identify your own script issues that might impact delivery of feedback.  Use impact feedback for better conversations in 3 kinds of time structuring. 


This workshop is practice, Q&A, and discussion.  It is not a lecture.  In order to create action learning, we WILL NOT have time go over background during the workshop. Therefore, we recommend you watch the free 11-minute topic video in advance.  Click the image to watch the video.


A link to join the workshop via Zoom will be sent to all TA-Now subscribers:

  • November 15, and

  • A few hours preceding the workshop on November 18


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