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About TA User’s Group

Do you want to improve something in your personal or work life?

  • Learn to handle other people better and get better results.

  • Learn to handle yourself better and improve your experiences.

  • Learn from others as they work on their own life skills.

  • Learn to apply TA for personal wellbeing and rewarding relationships.

  • Notice: this workshop is “education and coaching”.  It is not psychotherapy.



Knowledge of TA Basics.  If you are new to TA, or seek a good refresher, you can take an Applying TA Basics Workshop (ATABW) concurrent with your group.  Groups meet the day following ATABW sessions.  There are also great resources online.


  • Group participants target things they want to change and learn to apply ego state, script, and time structuring theories to make those changes.

  • Online group meetings limited to 10 learners.

  • Group meets for 12 consecutive sessions.  Three 12-sessions series offered each year.

  • Meetings run for 90 minutes

  • 2023 Fees:   $250 for each 12-session series


2023 Calendar - - 12 Week Series Begin On:

  • January 18

  • August 30

1.25 - Minute Video 
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